Ryan Reynolds makes star turn as singing unicorn on Korean TV

As of Tuesday, with over 60 reviews counted, the film's score stands at a "fresh" 84%, which is higher than the first film's 83% score.

The film star has been outrageous, hilarious and a surprisingly good dancer all in the name of promoting his pansexual superhero's new film, Deadpool 2. Most exciting of these newcomers is Domino (Atlanta's Zazie Beetz), whose mutant power is that she's lucky.

"John Wick" and "Atomic Blonde" director David Leitch, taking over for the original's Tim Miller, brings competent polish to big set pieces, though none quite measure up to the "Angel of the Morning"-scored opening scene of the first film".

The non-stop revelry is what gets you in the theater, but Deadpool's identity-defining journey keeps you there - and even doles out some warm fuzzies.

He then goes back and saves Peter, one of the X-Force members who dies during the ill-fated skydive onto the convoy carrying Russell between prisons.

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Deadpool 2 is consistently amusing, riddled with jokes that continuously hit bigger and better than the last but the sequel gets off to a bit of a rocky start that feels like it's wading in what made the first film successful before it introduces anything fresh into the mix like new characters and cameos (don't blink).

The "merc with a mouth" returns for more head-crushing and wise-cracking, this time facing a powerful enemy and brushes with - gasp - real emotional stakes. The straight-laced metal monster Colossus (voiced by Stefan Kapicic) ferries him back to Professor Charles Xavier's X-Mansion where Deadpool will - hopefully - heal his tired soul just enough to kill himself and join his beloved Vanessa in the sweet hereafter.

Josh Brolin jumps from voicing Thanos in "Avengers: Infinity War" to starring in the next box-office hit of the summer as the time-traveling tough guy Cable. It is full of surprises and incredibly amusing.

Meanwhile Wolverine star Hugh Jackman has praised Deadpool 2 as well. This is the part of the movie that has the most spoilers, so see this movie before social media ruins it.

The host of the singing contest said that Reynolds appeared on the show "secretly", adding that no one knew he was going to appear on it. It's a movie that shocks rather than surprises, so nothing really stays with you. By the end you may even get a little choked up (I'm serious). From start to finish - and especially through the now-mandatory post-credit scenes - Reynolds delivers every punch, kick and hard-edged witticism with conviction and relish.

  • Carlos Nash