McCain's daughter slams White House aide's 'he's dying' comments

McCain's wife, Cindy, responded using a dialog tagged to Sadler, "can I remind you my partner features a family, seven kids and 5 grandchildren".

Meghan McCain publicly responded to a derisive comment a White House official made about her father for the first time Friday morning, on ABC's "The View".

Meghan McCain suggested that the aide should lose her White House job.

Sadler has not issued a public apology and continues to serve in her role, which includes overseeing the talking points of White House surrogates.

The View host Whoopi Goldberg opened Friday's episode saying that ahead of Mother's Day weekend, she had hoped the show's panel would be discussing something happier than Sadler's "insanely despicable" comments. "The fact is, is John McCain-it worked on John". Multiple Republican sources and aides told NBC News on Thursday night that they had been on the phone with colleagues expressing disbelief about what was said. "She's pretty upset. We didn't talk about funerals", said Graham. "I'm dying, you're dying, we're all dying", she said, referring to her father's battle with brain cancer. During the 2016 campaign, Trump doubted McCain's status as a war hero, saying he believes heroes are those who don't get captured.

The elder McCain, R-Ariz., 81, remains in Arizona where he is receiving treatment for an aggressive and typically fatal type of brain cancer.

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"I just really want to emphasize, it was a hard day yesterday", Meghan McCain said of McInerney's comment.

Democratic Senator Tim Kaine tweeted his support for Mr McCain's decision, adding that he would also oppose her nomination.

McCain announced past year that he had been diagnosed with brain cancer, and he issued a statement Wednesday calling on his fellow senators to oppose Gina Haspel, Trump's nominee for Central Intelligence Agency director, whose ties to the use of interrogation methods widely considered torture have drawn significant criticism. A Fox spokeswoman said Friday that retired Lt. Gen. Thomas McInerney will no longer be allowed on the network.

Fox News host Charles Payne, who conducted the interview with McInerney, later apologized for McInerney's remarks, as well as for not challenging them.

Haspel said in a statement Thursday: "I have the utmost respect for Senator McCain and I appreciate the thoughtfulness with which he has approached this nomination process". And, Clinton says, he couldn't have ended the Vietnam war if it were not for the famed prisoner of war.

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