David Beckham and Deadpool Hug It Out in New Trailer

Deadpool has apologised to David Beckham after making a joke about him in his first film. On second thought. I do love my @laughingmancoffee (subtle and shameless promo) T so I'll leave it. See how I did that @vancityreynolds?

While fans can bet that the actor won't be suiting up as Wolverine on the big screen in the foreseeable future, he has still partaken in the promotional campaign for Deadpool 2, appearing as himself in one of those amusing spots similar to a recent one which features David Beckham.

Deadpool is known for cracking wise at pop culture figures, but in a new marketing spot for Deadpool 2, the character expresses some overdue regret for a cheap shot at a sports celebrity.

Since retiring from football in 2013, the 43-year-old has earned acting credits for roles in The Man From U.N.C.L.E., Outlaws, H&M's The Road Trip and King Arthur: Legend Of The Sword.

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So even Ryan Reynolds has his limits - and knocking his no-loved 1998 movie Boltneck is it, at least in this latest trailer for Deadpool 2.

Reynolds, 41, shared a letter by Wade Wilson/ Deadpool on Twitter saying the team has worked really hard to make a good film, and he wants the surprises in the film to unfold eventually. Blake [Lively, the actor to whom Ryan is married], the family, the whole thing. "It's too much. It's not sexy". - Ryan bloody Reynolds, all dressed up in his Deadpool costume (does he ever take that off these days?) singing "Tomorrow" from the musical Annie. Do you agree that the franchise is doing just fine without him?

Indie filmmaker Sammy Paul stated that fans are "gonna wanna stick around for those post-credits", and praised the sequel for managing to be both "subversive and weirdly sweet" while still having "all the hilarity and self-awareness of the first film".

While Solo: A Star Wars Story - this month's other major release - received a positive reception at it's premiere last night, the response to Deadpool 2 is rather overwhelming.

  • Carlos Nash