5 reasons 'Brooklyn Nine-Nine' fans are taking its cancellation so hard

However, the outcry from fans over these shows, specifically Brooklyn Nine-Nine, has sparked interest from other outlets to pick up the now-cancelled series.

Other high-profile critics of the decision included Star Wars icon Mark Hamill and Hamilton creator Lin-Manuel Miranda. If you ask me, Hulu seems like the most likely landing spot for the show, as the streaming service has always hosted the show, with all five seasons now streaming.

The zany cop comedy "Brooklyn Nine-Nine" had to turn in its badge to Fox.

Since the show started, it has become the second longest-running live-action comedy series the company has had on its listings, next to the now defunct New Girl, which also ends this month.

"The show's following was small but devoted, as Mashable noted that "'Brooklyn Nine-Nine' was canceled and the internet is losing its mind".

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Having syndicated episodes on TBS has certainly helped the stock for "Brooklyn Nine-Nine" this year.

There is still no word on whether or not another recently-canceled series in The Last Man on Earth could find its way back to the air after its own recent cancellation.

Like The Mindy Project, Brooklyn Nine-Nine has a loyal, young audience that does most of their watching via streaming. For instance, season five introduced a well-known character discovering that she is bisexual.

The sitcom is about Jake Peralta (played by Andy Samberg), an NYPD detective, and his colleagues at Brooklyn's 99th precinct and their comical everyday lives. "It means the world to me and everyone else who works on the show", Mr. Goor wrote. Co-star Stephanie Beatriz also acknowledged the show's passionate viewers - "Squad, we love you..."

On the bright side among shows with uncertain fates, NBC picked up Blindspot and midseason comedy AP Bio for new seasons, and CW extended The 100.

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