Twitter testing end-to-end encrypted messaging, say report

But without enabling the encryption, those messages were subjected to prying from hackers, governments, and Twitter itself.

For Twitter, the new option would be a favorable action and new competition for existing encrypted messaging apps like Signal or Telegram.

Twitter could be about to let users encrypt their direct messages to each other, according to unactivated code inside the Android application. Until Twitter introduces the feature, those folks should be using apps such as Signal, which offers a pretty robust end-to-end encryption. However based on this discovery, it seems that Twitter could now be actually actively doing something about it. This ensures that no one, not even Twitter, can intercept and read the messages you send and receive.

One wily Twitter user has discovered a potential new encrypted feature on the app which could prove a gamechanger for its roughly 330 million monthly active users. But it shows a small notification, which says Secret Conversation. To the go-between tweet of Snowden, Twitter CEO Jack Dorsey replied "reasonable and something we'll think about".

Twitter might borrow a feature from popular messaging platforms such as WhatsApp and Skype.

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The company appears to be trialing end-to-end encryption for private messages.

Ms Wong said she doubted Twitter would make encrypted DMs available on desktop: "It would be too much work to implement that securely".

The encrypted Direct Message (DM) option was first spotted inside Twitter for APK that contains codes for unreleased features that companies are testing.

Twitter declined to comment on the report, so it's not yet known when the company will, if at all, make the Secret conversations functionality available to all. Whatsapp's co-founder Jan Koum recently left the company because of possible "differences in approach" regarding Facebook's ad targeting and encryption plans.

  • Carlos Nash