Businessman Braun the projected victor in nasty Indiana GOP Senate primary race

On Tuesday, two of Indiana's sitting Republican members of Congress lost out on the chance to challenge one of the U.S. Senate's most vulnerable Democrats come November.

"I really believe if you get 10 to 12 of us in the Senate that have lived our lives first of all in the trenches of conservatism, not through the lens of a politician, I think that's a key difference, you will actually start to see things change", said Braun.

Republican Senate candidate Mike Braun and his wife Maureen greets supporters after winning the republican primary in Whitestown, Ind., Tuesday, May 8, 2018. Third District Rep. Jim Banks (R), though unopposed, officially earned the nomination to keep his congressional seat Tuesday night.

Speaking in Whitestown, Braun said he's looking forward to facing incumbent Democratic Senator Joe Donnelly in the November midterm election.

"I don't think that the folks from the 3rd District, the most conservative, most Republican congressional district in the State of in are ready for that kind of politics", Shine said. Donnelly has been vulnerable ever since Trump took IN in 2016 by around 20 points.

Braun has responded by saying he is a conservative Republican, but he voted in past Democratic primaries to have a say in local races dominated by Democrats. Richard Ojeda, a populist Democrat who made a name for himself during the teacher's strike has generated a lot of enthusiasm in the race to replace Jenkins in the House.

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Braun spent more than $4 million of his own money in the race, and took out a series of negative ads against his GOP opponents.

In the end, the GOP race was not as close as expected. That means the conservative eccentric, who opposed both the Iraq War and last year's GOP tax bill, will win another term, as no Democrat is running against him. He says he hopes Rokita and Messer will rally behind him for what he notes is their common goal of defeating Donnelly.

Democrats in two in congressional districts say the GOP incumbents - three-term Rep. Jackie Walorski in the 2nd District and Tennessee native and first-term Rep. Trey Hollingsworth in the 9th District - have been absent from the districts and are clueless about what their constituents need. They hope the increase is a sign that they could cut into Republican supermajorities in the state House and Senate that have left them largely powerless over the past six years. And the vice-president's older brother Greg Pence easily won the GOP nomination for Mike's old House seat.

Pence raised almost $1.2 million for his campaign thanks largely to the support of his brother, pro-Trump groups and top Republicans.

IN uses an open primary system, meaning that voters are not required to register with a party to vote in a party primary.

Democrats have almost two-thirds more candidates seeking legislative nominations this year than they did in the last midterm election four years ago.

  • Adam Floyd