Buddhist community in Bangladesh celebrates Buddha Purnima

The 2562nd Buddha Jayanti was celebrated on Monday by the Buddhist community of the state with processional display of Buddha statues and scriptures through the towns and offering of prayers. She pitched on the need for the internationalization of Buddhist philosophy for the world peace and harmony.

During the event, the Prime Minister said that Indian tradition, culture, and history are proof that we have never been the offenders. The Archeological Survey of India under the Government of India has been working as partner in the restoration of many Buddhist temples which also includes the centuries old magnificent Anand Temple in Bagan in Myanmar.

The prime minister offered "Sangh Dana" (donation) to Buddhist monks from countries such as Japan, Sri Lanka and Vietnam who were present at the event.

The fact remains, despite some claims to the contrary, Bangladesh remains a secular country, which is called home by not only its majority of Muslims, but other communities - from Buddhists to Christians, Santals to Hindus. India, being land of the Buddha, is therefore, seen as a natural ally.

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The teachings of the Buddha had shaped the national character of several Asian countries, he said.

Some believe that the auspicious day is celebrated because Buddha attained salvation or Nirvana under the Mahabodhi tree at Bodh Gaya on this very special day. Buddha Purnima is celebrated in East Asia, where, it is also considered a holiday in some countries, but it's presence can also be felt in far flung countries like Canada, America etc. According to legends, Prince Siddhartha Gautam was born in Lumbini (now in Nepal) in around 563 BC, who later dubbed as Lord Buddha around the world. Speaking about the eight-fold path of Buddhism, he said the problems that the world faced could be overcome by following this way.

"At a time when terrorism, casteism, dynasty politics appear to be overshadowing the teachings of the Buddha, the talk of affection and friendship are becoming more relevant and important", Modi said.

  • Tabitha Byrd