Venom Trailer Takes the Symbiote Design Straight from the Comics

It is hard to imagine Venom without Spider-man.

John has loved movie monsters for as far back as he can remember. And when Venom proved to be popular, Marvel remade him as an anti-hero. Sony has hinted that they are creating a whole new film universe populated by the characters from Spider-man world since it is only the Spidey family Sony owns the right of. While there's certainly an explosion or two, the trailer shows this film is going to have a darker tone than your typical Marvel cinematic universe movie. And man, were they feeling ambitious with it.

A solo Venom movie has been kicking around Hollywood for years now, and in February we finally got to see the first teaser for it.

Venom was unveiled in the movie's official trailer, but all anyone could talk about was Michelle Williams. It's weird. As a lifelong fan of the Venom character, have I been saying symbiote wrong this entire time?

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And now that we have the first full trailer featuring all the bells and whistles that audiences have come to expect, literally nothing has changed.

Fans were quick to call out the questionable wig for looking unnatural. It wouldn't make sense for him to have the spider logo that Peter Parker wears since, well, it's pretty clear that his origin has nothing to do with Spider-Man's. Although Venom is only a Spider-man villain-cum-antihero, there is a great anticipation about this film since Tom Hardy is playing the lead. The action looks cheap, the "costume" even cheaper, and I honestly can't begin to tell what the plot is actually about.

The star of The Hunger Games and Scrubs thinks that Venom's tongue is "unique" and given the fact that she has 2.35 million followers, her remarks didn't go unnoticed. Directed by Ruben Fleischer (Zombieland), Venom is under a lot of pressure to prove that Sony's Spider-verse movies (which also include the upcoming Silver & Black) can thrive without Spider-Man.

  • Carlos Nash