Woman suspected in Minnesota, Florida deaths caught in Texas

Riess, who likes to visit casinos, began her cross-country escapades after she allegedly killed her husband, David, in their Blooming Prairie home in late March. The auto was also seen in north Florida, where Riess was later believed to be staying at a hotel in Ocala after she was spotted by surveillance cameras.

Federal officials captured 56-year-old Lois Riess in Texas, near the U.S. -Mexico border.

Marshals are expected to hold a press conference. Undersheriff Carmine Marceno said Riess was "not surprised whatsoever" that law enforcement had found her.

"I want to acknowledge the doggedness of our deputies, specifically in Florida, Minnesota and Texas, and our state and local law enforcement partners who worked this case around the clock", said Berger. SPIPD is awaiting the arrival of Minnesota and Florida investigators so the three groups can form a "unified plan" of investigation, Smith said.

Authorities say she stole Hutchinson's vehicle, which had been seen in Louisiana and Texas.

She now faces multiple charges including murder and criminal use of personal identification.

Deputy US marshal John Kinsey said Riess - dubbed "Losing Streak Lois" - is "consumed" by gambling and had been from "casino to casino" on her run from police.

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Police later reportedly discovered she was facing almost $100,500 in debt at the time of her husband's death.

South Padre Police Chief Randy Smith said his officers missed Riess by a few minutes, but quickly caught up to her.

Surveillance video released Thursday shows Riess stopping at a gas station in Iowa after the casino to buy a sandwich and ask for directions south out of the state. She was considered a risky person by law enforcement.

Police spotted Riess' body through a window and alerted the Dodge County Sheriff's Office, which had jurisdiction, Jackson reported on March 28. Authorities also connected Riess to the alleged murder of Pamela Hutchinson in Fort Myers, Florida last week.

Authorities weren't aware of any connection between Lois Riess and Hutchinson - other than that the two looked alike. Hutchinson's drivers license, credit cards and vehicle were missing. Reiss took Hutchinson's credit cards and driver's license and stole her white Acura before she fled the scene.

Second-degree murder charges against Riess are pending.

"When she befriends Pam Hutchinson, our victim, she's smiling", he said.

  • Tabitha Byrd