Battlefield 5 May Include A Battle Royale Mode

In both "Fortnite" and "PlayerUnknown's Battlegrounds" - more commonly known as "PUBG" - 100 online players are dropped onto island maps to fight to the death with weapons they find scattered throughout the map.

The report states that the team are trying to understand how a battle royale game would work within the confines of Battlefield's regular mechanics, but this doesn't necessarily mean that Battlefield V will have this mode.

It appears that another heavy hitter in the FPS world, EA DICE's Battlefield V, is contemplating the addition of a battle royale mode.

It is easier for Battlefield to pull off a Battle Royale mode the right way but COD does have an opportunity reinvent this genre and give us something different from the traditional Battle Royale design.

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With the ongoing craze of Battle Royale games, it seems even AAA titles are going to dip themselves and bask in the recent boom of this genre. So it didn't surprise too many people when Call of Duty news site CharlieIntel reported that Activision has support studio Raven working on a battle royale for Call of Duty: Black Ops 4, which debuts in October.

Per the report by Grubb, if the mode is given the go-ahead by EA, it could end up in the game as a free update, but we'll have to wait and see before we jump the gun on any speculation. If there's money to be made or a trend to be followed, EA won't be far behind.

It's possible that the mode might not make it into the final product, or that it could make it into another of DICE's games, such as the Star Wars: Battlefront franchise.

  • Toni Ryan