Presidents, First Ladies Praise Barbara Bush's Dedication

Dolly Dominy and her mother waited outside the George Bush Presidential Library on the campus of Texas A&M University 10 minutes before it opened Wednesday morning. Your success as a family, our success as a society, depends not on what happens in the White House but on what happens inside your house. Within a few moments, the Robinson children were screaming and giggling and performing cannonballs into the pool. - Statement from her son, former Florida Gov. Jeb Bush.

She was wearing a white terrycloth robe and carrying a snorkel. To us, she was so much more.

When Bush's death seemed imminent this week, West Wing Reports distributed on Twitter a photo of her at Grandma's House hugging a small child as she smiled at another.

Mrs. Bush was unpretentious, self-deprecating and real. "Do we have a deal?"

Many first ladies have sported pearls, but no one became as associated with them as Bush, who famously wore a strand of fakes and $29 pair of shoes to her husband's inauguration and was rarely seen without a snow-white necklace.

After her swim, Mrs. "Hillary and I mourn her passing and bless her memory". "I'm taking Edita with me." Mrs.

Barbara Bush was not the Wellesley Class of 1990's first choice for commencement speaker.

We think she's achieved that legacy, and then some. They talked about raising little kids, and discovered that my wife and Mrs.

In the letter, Bush called Goodman, whose daughter was a lesbian and who helped co-found the D.C. chapter of PFLAG, a "caring parent and compassionate citizen". Bush said in a 1992 television interview.

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But what we appreciate most about Mrs. Bush told Edita. "The big medical complex dedicated a new cancer wing".

"Both of them taught in our Sunday school program".

But as I say, Edita told me about their conversation afterwards. Bush thought I needed help keeping them under control. "It's exactly how you'd feel about your kids", he added, describing the couple's pride in seeing their son sworn in as the 43rd president. "No running on the pool deck!"

George and Barbara Bush had six children.

"The doctor came in and she turned to the doctor and said, 'You want to know why George the way he is?' And the doctor looked somewhat surprised".

"Dear First Lady", Marge wrote in a letter dated September 28, 1990, "I recently read your criticism of my family". Her speech that day was rated by a survey of scholars in 1999 as one of the top 100 speeches of the century. But it also displays one part amusement.

In 1984, her quick wit got her into trouble when she was quoted as referring to Geraldine Ferraro, the Democratic vice presidential nominee at the time, as "that $4 million - I can't say it, but it rhymes with rich".

When you think of Faith, the big Fourth of July parade comes to mind, but the one time it was overshadowed was almost 26 years ago when the President and First Lady came to town. Everyone relied on her-and she knew it.

  • Adam Floyd