Police hunt woman accused of killing her husband, then her look-alike

"This Gentleman & his mom was hostile about the two soldiers not waiting for them to reverse back into there handicap parking spot for her handicapped husband instead they went around and proceeded to park in there own separate parking spot", wrote LaKeycia Ward, the woman who uploaded the clip on social media.

Shocking video shows the altercation between Judy Tucker and the two unidentified soldiers on Saturday night at a Cheddars restaurant in Macon.

The Dodge County Sheriff's Office tracked Lois Riess to a casino in Iowa but she had left by the time officials arrived.

The reason behind her racist tirade: the Tuckers were apparently reversing their vehicle to park in a handicapped spot outside the restaurant when the soldiers reportedly drove around them and parked in a separate spot. Sharpe started to record the incident on her phone and that's when Tucker allegedly lunged at Sharpe and her phone, then slapped her in the face.

'Put that phone down!

Being that she looks younger than her age, most guys hardly take her serious and the ones who do, end up leaving her after they find out her real age. Tucker yells, and she and Robbie attempt to snatch the phone from one of the soldiers, pushing her in the process.

'First of all, look at me!

Dawin immediately went viral for her interview on the show and as expected, many people branded her deluded.

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"Oh really? By her?"

Cut to outside, the thug is shedding white tears and is handcuffed and arrested - and she is being handcuff by a Black police officer.

Once outside Tucker is then arrested and taken to Bibb County jail where she was booked on simple battery charges. She was eventually released on a $650 bond.

A 71-year-old white female has been charged with assault following a video surfaced revealing her in an confrontation with two black service members within a parking area.

Tucker's Facebook business page is filled with comments from people who have watched the video and disapprove of her behavior.

'How dare you abuse and harass our soldiers in uniform!

They apparently pushed one of the soldiers, who then informed her she was pregnant. "You should be ashamed of yourself!" said another.

Another user added: 'Thank you for showing your hate.

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