British People Rushed for EU Passports in Brexit Vote Year

The EU, however, seems to be growing used to the idea of the UK's exit.

The report from Britain's biggest business lobby group lays bare the tightrope Prime Minister Theresa May is walking as she seeks to negotiate a Brexit deal that satisfies the pro-Brexit wing of her Conservative Party without damaging trade and investment. The research, conducted by anti-Brexit group Best for Britain, also said that 36 percent reject the idea of a second referendum - a good eight points behind.

Speaking at a conference organised by the Green 10 in the European Parliament on Tuesday, he called for the agreement on the future relationship between the EU and the United Kingdom to include a non-regression clause in order to maintain a level playing field.

Britain's vast financial services industry will emerge largely unscathed from Brexit and the sector will suffer far fewer job losses than first feared, Davis said.

The Independent reported over the weekend that the Opinium poll of over 2,000 adults highlights the level of public opposition the United Kingdom government is likely to face if it continues to pursue plans for a post-Brexit trade deal with the US.

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Business will be hit by greater costs rather than benefits if Brexit leads to the United Kingdom moving away from European Union rules and regulations, an industry group has warned. The study outlines that Brexit presents opportunities for rule changes in sectors such as agriculture, shipping and tourism that could benefit the United Kingdom economy, but these opportunities for divergence are vastly outweighed by the costs of deviating from rules necessary to ensure smooth access to the European Union market.

"Have you changed your mind?" Mrs.

"One thing we have already learned from Brexit is that the United Kingdom does not have a better idea", Hogan said. "It does not have a replacement for the union as a way to improve the life quality of its citizens, its businesses and its standing in the world". But he hoped that schools would find it "a useful place to visit".

He also said that the UK's post-EU landscape will mean that Britons will regain their sovereignty but will have "reduced bargaining power, reduced security of its markets and supply chains", as well as friction and cost added to trade in Europe.

  • Adam Floyd