The Federal Ethics Office Says Scott Pruitt's Actions Need To Be Reviewed

Scott Pruitt's security detail has required far more resources than that of his predecessors, costing taxpayers almost $3 million when factoring in overtime and frequent travel for the agents who protect the Environmental Protection Agency administrator 24/7, according to an EPA official.

Pruitt has done a fantastic job of demonstrating what ego and entitlement look like - by requesting a 24/7, 20-person security detail, three times bigger than his predecessor's, and a $43,000 soundproof booth in his office so that EPA employees can't overhear his conversations.

The letter, sent to Kevin Minoli, the E.P.A. official designated as the agency's top ethics official, addresses questions about Mr. Pruitt's rental for $50 a night of a condominium linked to an energy lobbyist, as well as his government-funded flights to his home state of Oklahoma.

The HBO showed off a number of apartments in D.C. available for the same price on AirBnB, in response to Pruitt's defense that he was paying "market rate", and the options - including a one leather couch named "Black Beauty" - were less than luxurious.

Fortunately, some people and states also see Pruitt as unfit for his job, as he is purposely making things worse, and are doing whatever they can to remove him.

You would think that the head of the Environmental Protection Agency might have some interest in protecting the environment. Taxpayers still covered the airfare for the administrator's security detail. And other Williams & Jensen employees have disclosed lobbying the EPA since Pruitt took over the agency a year ago.

Pruitt's chief of staff has said that the responsibility for the raises falls exclusively on himself and the EPA's human resources department, distancing Pruitt from the decision entirely, according to Politico.

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In a February 14 "Preliminary Intelligence Enterprise Threat Assessment Review" memo from EPA's Office of Homeland Security Intelligence Team, according to the senators" letter, agency officials used all caps and bold print as they concluded that the justification for the coverage outlined by Pruitt's protective security detail in an October 17 memorandum "DOES NOT employ sound analysis or articulate relevant "threat specific' information appropriate to draw any resource or level of threat conclusions regarding the protection posture for the Administrator".

"That is clearly not the Fox News tone that Pruitt was expecting", Oliver said.

The EPA has not responded to questions on that story from ABC Information however a spokesman instructed the Occasions they dispute the veracity of the report and referred to as the staff who had been reassigned or positioned on depart "disgruntled".

In the past week, three Republican members of Congress have said he should step down. In a later tweet, addressing possible criticism of his methods, Leopold clarified that those FOIA requests were lodged with both the EPA's headquarters and Inspector General's office.

Oliver did not even mention that Pruitt has also come under fire from other Republicans.

Such efforts reportedly included almost $9,000 a year ago on sweeping his office for hidden listening devices and biometric locks for the doors - and spending $43,000 for a soundproof phone booth for Pruitt's office. Several of the staffers raised concerns about Pruitt flying first class, a habit the administrator indulged in more often after one of them was sidelined.

  • Adam Floyd