May Summons Emergency Cabinet to Discuss UK's Syria Response

If deterrence relies on a show of force, and the Obama administration never used force, then why didn't the Assad regime continue using chemical weapons en masse?

Asked whether the USA military was ready to conduct an attack in Syria if ordered, Mattis replied, "We stand ready to provide military options if they're appropriate, as the president determined".

The visit that RIA Novosti and Tass reported on Wednesday comes amid growing expectation of US retaliation against Syria for a suspected chemical weapons attack on a rebel-held town.

After Russia warned the United States against military strikes in Syria, President Donald Trump says missiles "will be coming".

Trump's tweets were more belligerent - he told Russia "You shouldn't be partners with a Gas Killing Animal who kills his people and enjoys it!" - and he admitted that USA relations with Russia have plunged to a historic low. "You shouldn't be partners with a Gas Killing Animal who kills his people and enjoys it!" He warned the president against striking Syria the same way he did after a similar chemical attack occurred past year.

May said she was not surprised that Russian Federation vetoed a United Nations resolution that would have created a group to investigate who was responsible for the attack. Britain's Parliament is in recess until Monday, though it could be recalled for an emergency debate.

"Parliament should always be given a say on any military action", he told the BBC.

"There must be a debate and vote in the House of Commons ahead of any military action", he said.

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But without a secure governing majority, May faces pressure from the opposition - and some on her own side - to offer MPs the chance to express their view before joining airstrikes. It is likely that a vote would see Labour split, with a significant section of the party backing action.

By inviting the global chemical weapons watchdog to send a fact-finding mission to Syria, the government claimed it proved it was innocent of the allegations of using chemical weapons. "Britain is an outward-facing nation, willing to play our part in upholding worldwide law".

Defense Secretary Jim Mattis, however, indicated that evidence of what happened in Saturday's suspected attack near Damascus is still being studied.

French president Emmanuel Macron called for a strong, joint response to the alleged chemical attack.

At the same time Mrs May is under pressure to give Parliament the chance to vote before committing United Kingdom forces to any new action in Syria, amid fears it could draw the West into direct conflict with Assad's main backer, Russia.

May has not confirmed whether the United Kingdom government is considering military action.

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This is in contrast to an incident a year ago when US intelligence agencies had video and other evidence of an actual attack involving sarin nerve gas. There is huge cost to inaction, as much as a cost of action. We're talking about humanity. "It set a risky precedent, and [Barack] Obama saying it was a red line that couldn't be crossed and then not taking action was the wrong thing to do", she told BBC Radio 4's Today programme. The organization is not responsible for naming the perpetrators of any chemical attack, and previous inspectors have said their missions were hampered by government restrictions. The three countries are discussing a range of options, including preventing Assad from conducting future attacks by striking military capabilities involved in carrying out such attack, the official said. Most commercial airlines already avoid Syria's north and northeast - where major battlefronts such as Aleppo and Deir Ezzor are located - due to the ongoing conflict, Flightradar24 said.

  • Adam Floyd