Cuba Marks World Health Day with Great Achievements

The theme of this year's World Health Day is: Universal health coverage: everyone, everywhere.

The WHO has called on world leaders to commit to concrete steps to advance the health of all people. If countries are to achieve the Sustainable Development Goals (SDG) target, one billion more people need to benefit from Universal Health Coverage (UHC) by 2023.

What World Health Day can do?

While April 7 is marked as World Health Day, hospitals in Punjab are ill-equipped and under-resourced to ensure appropriate medical treatment of patients.

Alemu said: "All necessary preparations have already been done and am sure with the right resources put in place Nigeria will make progress in reaching UHC by 2030".

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Universal health means that all people and communities have access, without prejudice, to health services without having to be exposed to financial difficulties, he commented.

According to the WHO, healthcare services are severely lacking in at least half the world. Although in rich countries public financing for health coverage has increased recently, in those of low income nations, the figure has diminished. To his consideration, the universal health coverage is a political option, it is necessary to have vision, courage and long-term vision, but the reward is a fairer and healthier world for all.

He also highlighted, among other results, the elimination of immune-preventable diseases such as malaria and the certification and re-certification for two more years of the elimination of the mother-child vertical transmission of HIV and congenital syphilis.

IMA Neelagiri unit president Dr Vasantha Kumari said that World Health Day was being observed this year with the theme of "Universal health coverage: Everyone everywhere".

World Health Day will shine a spotlight on the need for Universal Health Coverage (UHC) - and the advantages it can bring.

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