'Fortnite Battle Royale' Goes Live On iOS

Epic Games has been handling Fortnite's Battle Royale component very well over the past few months. The goal is to be the last person or group standing.

That same day Fortnite announced on Twitter that the iOS version of the game was live and invites were being sent out.

Starting today, the game will be available to iOS users - which means anyone who owns an iPhone will be able to play it. If you have signed up for the game to get it tested on your iOS device, you would soon get an email regarding the availability of this game.

You can sign up on the official website and Epic is sending out invites steadily to those who have done so.

To play Fortnite Mobile on tablet you will need at least an iPad Mini 4 or iPad Air 2 or better.

The mobile version is now sitting at the top of the Free Apps chart for games on the App Store.

That's not a completely awful thing, as you can tap on the "NO" button and be added to the waiting list from right within the app.

First and foremost, the game is invite-only for now. This update shelves the Smoke Grenade and adds remote explosives to Battle Royale.

You also need iOS 11 or higher.

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On the site, Fortnite will ask for a signup email and will then check if you have already played the game and therefore have a Fortnite account.

Check your inboxes: the first wave of invites for Fortnite [] on iOS are now going out.

Forbes magazine compared the release of Fortnite with Pokemon GO, saying Fortnite is set to be even more important.

Though it's welcome to see feature parity on par with the game on PC and consoles, it results in having an exceptionally cluttered iPhone screen.

Is the game different from that available on other platforms?

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So far, Fortnite on iOS is a mixed bag.

Jason Parker from Cnet seemed quite impressed with Fortnite mobile, but noted that the experience is "far from ideal". Let us know in the comments.

  • Desiree Holland