Shadow Of The Tomb Raider Leaked With New Trailer!

His apology was obviously incredibly honest because he went on to say this: "Casting a flat-chested b-- as Lara Croft is life casting me as Ron Jeremy".

Alicia Vikander runs and jumps a lot in "Tomb Raider", but the movie is inert.

Fast forward a decade to 2013 and Square Enix takes the action-adventure franchise in a new direction and it became so successful that a new rebooted film was put into production to capitalise on the success. We used to play it with my friends back in Norway all the time.

Unfortunately, everyone who's been waiting for a great video game adaptation will have to wait a bit longer.

I can't speak for those who closely follow the source material, but what I can say is that Tomb Raider had the action to keep things exciting, the emotion to pull at the heartstrings, and the heroine to hold the film together from start to finish. In the game, when she has her first kill she has an emotional reaction to it. It arrives just over five years after the game it is based upon. The love story revolves around Lara's relationship with her father.

"It was nearly like having ice thrown at you for hours on end, so I thought that was definitely the hardest part", Vikander says. Her earnest drive to find out about her father, rather than seek a treasure, adds to her likability. That is what leads her onto her adventure.

What makes Tomb Raider work as a film is the 45 minute set up of Lara and her world as well as the relationship she had with her father before his disappearance. As imperfect as the Angelina Jolie movies were, at least that Lara Croft reveled in their plots' inherent silliness.

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In minor roles, Kristin Scott Thomas turns up as Ana Miller, who has taken care of Lara as well as Richard Croft's business interests since Richard vanished. I think she just has it all.

"But if you want to copy it you can, as it's a Crystal White XC40 R-Design AWD with T5 petrol engine, 20" 5-Spoke Matt Black Diamond Cut Alloys and Black Nubuck Leather. It's the earnestness that she brings to the role that takes you off guard, considering especially the unimpressive screenplay that she's working with. This is a modern Croft, who's vulnerable, and flawed, but also happens to have better abs than any of the men around her. All the shit. Just all the running and jumping and swimming.

She goes off to Hong Kong. There are a lot of practical effects throughout the movie, but most of the big sequences are muffled by too many cuts and too much camera motion to completely understand what's going on.

Well, the movie has to come from character.

The Oscar winning beauty told Graham Norton: "My breasts are not as pointy as the first Lara". She looks in incredible form throughout and really carries what she can of the film. That's an incredible honor, knowing all the fans out there and their expectations. And having two daughters myself, I'm also hoping that it can inspire them as well.

Tomb Raider opens March 16.

  • Toni Ryan