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The door opened and Cyril entered, followed by a young woman of about fifteen. She wore a black traveling cloak over a green dress. Even if Tessa had not seen her before, she would know who she was, instantly; he would have recognized her by her black hair, the blue-violet eyes, the graceful curvature of her throat, the delicate angles of her features, the full shape of her mouth.

-Tessa's description, in Prince Mechanical

Cecily Herondale-Lightwood is a shadow hunter, daughter of Edmund Herondale and Linette Owens, younger sister of Will Herondale and Ella Herondale.

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Will first mentions Angel Mechanic, after biting Alexei de Quincey, when Tessa Gray helps Sophie Collins with the holy water buckets.

Born in 1863, Cecily is the youngest of the three sons of Linette and Edmund Herondale. Cecily and her brothers were raised in Wales, with the belief that Shadowhunters were monsters. When she was nine years old, her older sister, Ella, was poisoned by the demon Marbas, who was released from a Pyxis by her brother, Will. For reasons he could not understand then, Will, tormented by guilt and fear, fled his home and went to London to become a shadow hunter. Three years later, when his father lost his family's home and fortune through gambling, they were forced to move to York, where Axel Mortmain offered them a manor house in Ravenscar.

Cecily and Will playing in the woods of Wales

When Charlotte Branwell once again sent Ragnor Fell to investigate the Herondales, as he did years earlier, Cecily found him hanging around outside his house and interrogated him. She immediately assumed that he was there to check that they were well on Will's behalf, and while she was pleased by the fact, Ragnor did not deny it, she insisted that Will should be there and return with them if he really cared. To satisfy his brother's longing, Ragnor told him that Will was missing him. Only a few days after her meeting with Ragnor, Cecily decided to go to London and to the Institute, determined to return home with Will. Upon arriving at the London Institute, Cecily said she wanted to be trained as a Shadowhunter.

Cecily was trained by her own brother. It was not as expected, however, as Will did not take his arrival very well. Aside from her frequent discussions with Will, which usually began when she tried to get her to rewrite her parents, Cecily also unexpectedly found that she liked the lives of shadow hunters, whom she believed were monsters for a long time, as well as enjoying his training, although he did not admit it until several weeks later. Cecily turned out to have a natural ability.

When Jem runs out of yin fen, Will promises to buy a bit of an ifrit lair and Cecily follows him, however, he asks her to return home while she uses a glamur in an unpleasant part of London.

Finally, Cecily and Gabriel were married and had three children, namely Anna, Christopher, and Alexander. Cecily with her nieces, Barbara and Eugenia were present when her brother, Will died on his deathbed.

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