Jennifer Garner Responds to THAT Oscars Moment

Some speculate that the actress may have been surprised at a particular Oscar victor or at Jodie Foster, who stepped out with Jennifer Lawrence to present the Best Actress award while in crutches, referencing the film "I, Tonya" and claiming Meryl Streep had broken her knees.

Even as she had not won anything in Sunday's star-studded event, the 45-year-old became a hot topic online, not for her dress or any blunder. She begins, "Congrats to Shape of Water!".

The clip went viral with everyone sharing outpours of concern for the actress, while also making light of the situation.

"When you're having a good time and realize you forgot to thaw the chicken for your mama", added United States sport journalist Jemele Hill.

Thank goodness for all of us, Jennifer Garner has chosen the Drake route.

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Much like dance battles, there are no losers when two celebrities partake in a new-age battle for meme supremacy.

Jennifer's Instagram quip was referring to the fact that she is starring on the Camping remake, and that Lena frequently got naked while leading the cast of Girls.

Finally, Garner made some reference to her Capital One deal. Garner said in one of her online responses. The second: "Hey, _Jimmy Kimmel, what's in your wallet?" Her eyes then widen and her mouth slightly parts, like she just saw Casper the ghost or something.

Peppermint has seen her return to the gym and stunt training in order to reclaim her position as Hollywood's go-to action heroine. Wait, where is my wallet?'

  • Carlos Nash