Hundreds show up against Richard Spencer at Michigan State University

Spencer blamed the low attendance at his talk on the protests. Law enforcement officials say over a dozen people were arrested for misdemeanor and felony offenses.

Franklin said Spencer's ability to speak on MSU's campus, along with the views he has established for himself, would be met with resistance.

Some demonstrators threw rocks, fruit, and water bottles at people entering the rally.

Michigan State University students are now on spring break, but many reportedly showed up for the speech.

Protestors had turned out for what was scheduled to be a speech by white nationalist speaker Richard Spencer.

MSU Police Capt. Doug Monette and dozens of law enforcement officers were on hand to monitor the event and the crowd it drew.

Against the backdrop of drumming and chanting, one protester was asked about being arrested as she was led to a police van.

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Pillai said he was with a small group of friends, all of whom shared the same sentiment toward Spencer's ideologies.

The university originally planned to charge Spencer's National Policy Institute group $2,000 to set aside a room on campus for the speech, but made a decision to deny the group the opportunity to speak citing safety concerns. "We chased them away".

A federal judge ordered the two sides into mediation.

50 people heard Spencer speak.

Spencer, the 39-year-old firebrand leader of the "alternative-right" movement, billed the event on YouTube as one that would do more than just discuss alt-right ideas, but instead "talk about where we're going and what we ultimately want". The Detroit Free Press and many other local media organizations were denied tickets inside the event.

Monette said his number one concern was maintaining safety on campus.

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