Russia's Military Technologies Will Also Be Used for Civilian Purposes, Says Putin

The new policy will still call for bolstered technology against rogue states, with a particular focus on weapons to intercept North Korean leader Kim Jong Un's missiles. However, he also said he did not want to change one historical period for another and would rather focus on a prosperous future for Russian Federation.

Putin praised Russia's new hypersonic missiles and cutting-edge submarines during a state of the nation address that also touched on economic and social policy ahead of a presidential election this month he is widely expected to win.

Russia's thousands of missiles easily could overwhelm existing USA missile defenses in the event of a full-scale war.

"Russia has completed the trials of miniaturized nuclear power units for cruise missiles of unlimited range and for autonomous submersibles of an oceanic multi-purpose system".

"Putin's announcement is a predictable reaction to the ongoing missile defense efforts of the United States", Lisbeth Gronlund, senior scientist at the Union of Concerned Scientists, told the Washington Post in a statement. "Other countries also have tried but apparently so far have failed to make them, and we succeeded thanks to new materials".

Russia's seeking to maintain strategic parity and isn't threatening anyone, though "be sure that everything I have said today is not a bluff", Putin said.

He added that the United States does not have a functioning ballistic missile shield and is unlikely to have one at any point during Putin's lifetime, "if ever". "Now, it appears that the Trump administration is going to ramp up these defenses, increasing Russia's concerns".

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Meanwhile, Putin's assertion that the individuals behind the DNC hack and social media influence operation "do not represent the Russian state" or the "Russian authorities" speaks to another tactic the Kremlin often employs.

The concept of USA missile defense emerged in the early days of the Cold War with the goal of protecting the American homeland from the Soviet Union's growing arsenal.

Putin said on Thursday that his country has tested an array of new generation nuclear weapons capable of bypassing any missile defense system. Among the main ideas: downing enemy missiles from space.

In 2002, the United States abrogated the Anti-Ballistic Missile Treaty with Russian Federation, citing the need for a missile defense system that could prevent the United States from being blackmailed by a nuclear-armed rogue nation. "This is a very strong argument for those who want to develop the US military potential".

Just finishing testing and can hit targets at 10 times the speed of sound.

Critics warn that new systems encourage competitors to develop more sophisticated weaponry, are pricey and have dubious effectiveness. "Give us an official request". However, he noted that Russia "cannot respond" if the charges "do not violate Russian laws".

  • Adam Floyd