Many British homes left without water as snow thaw bursts pipes

Many thousands of people say they have been without water for 24 hours, as providers issue a warning about supply.

A spokesperson for Thames Water said: "We are really sorry for the ongoing disruption, and we have every available resource working to resolve it as quickly as possible".

Sittingbourne was also affected by the huge number of bursts across the pipe network which were caused by thawing following freezing temperatures last week.

Thousands of people in Britain have been left without water after water mains burst when the heavy snow thawed and normal weather conditions started to return to the country.


Some schools in the capital have said they will be closed on Monday because they can not guarantee running water.

Companies also asked that customers check their pipes for bursts and call a plumber if necessary, explaining that outdoor taps were especially vulnerable.

A tweet from the Dunraven School said: "We'd hoped things would have been resolved by now".

Many homes have lost their mains supply, and are having to use bottled water instead.

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People are urged to have short showers rather than baths, not to leave taps running and to only use dishwashers and washing machines if they're full.

Both Lenham Primary School and the Lenham School announced that they have been struck by a water shortage and will not be open to pupils today.

The recent bout of extreme weather across the United Kingdom has resulted in burst pipes, damage to water infrastructure and widespread outages.

South West Water offered the following advice: "Customers can help themselves and us by identifying whether the problem is inside their house or not".

South London resident Natasha Prayag told Sky News she was without water late into Sunday night, after her supply was cut off on Saturday evening.

In the joint statement, water companies said they "sincerely apologise" to those experiencing problems.

Thames Water has faced criticism for resorting to handing out bottled water to customers, after up to 20,000 properties in London and the Thames valley were left without water.

  • Adam Floyd