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Table of Contents

Introduction to Part I. Principles and Characteristics of Sustainable Soils

Living Soil: Texture and Structure
The Importance of Soil Organisms
Organic Matter, Humus and Soil Food Chain
Soil Tillage and Organic Matter
Tillage, Organic Matter and
Soil Fertilizer and Biologically Active Amendments
Fertilizers Conventional
The Upper Soil Layer - The Capital of Your Farm
Summary of the First Part

Summary of Principles of Sustainable Soil Management Part II. Steps in Managing Soil Quality Improvement

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Evaluate Soil Health and Biological Activity on Your Farm
Use Tools and Techniques to Improve Soil
Compost Animal Dung < Green Cropping and Green Fertilizers
Reduced Tillage
Reducing the Use of Synthetic Nitrogen
Continued Observing the Signs of Success or Failure

Part III. Examples of Triumphant Soil Improvers
Additional Information Resources

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