Take back Internet from voices of hatred, says Jordanian King

"Anti-radicalisation crackdown is not against any religion but against a thought that is taking the youth down the wrong path".

"Today's global war against terror is not a fight between different religions or people".

He said, "We can't afford to allow young people to be left w/o hope trapped in isolation &vulnerable to false promises of outlaw groups".

"Islam is not about radicalisation, faith inspires both our countries", King Abdullah said adding, "Humanity unites all religions".

"At a time when values like tolerance and harmony are in deep stress, a call for greater understanding is very welcome", Mr. Mahmood told The Hindu, adding, "We need the leadership everywhere to promote the noble cause of moderation and coexistence". We need to take back the airwaves and the Internet from the voices of hatred - those who have victimised our world, not only with bombs and terror, but with ignorance and lies.

He said the onus was now on the businesses of both countries to leverage creative ideas especially in tourism and entertainment sectors.

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The goal of the over-arching MoU on defence is to promote cooperation between India and Jordan in some of the recognised areas like training, defence industry, counter-terrorism, military studies, cyber security, military medical services and peace-keeping.

PM Modi took to Twitter and said that he is looking forward to meeting the visiting Jordanian leader.

Earlier, an official welcoming ceremony was held for the King upon his arrival at the presidential palace in New Delhi where he was received by the Indian president Ram Nath Kovind and Prime Minister Narendra Modi.

He said, Indian democracy is a celebration of India's age old plurality. "This is the land where people of various faiths and beliefs happily coexist, guided by universal values of harmony and togetherness", Modi said, addressing the audience that comprised mostly Muslims of different sects, many of them clerics. "It is a fight against a mentality that misguides our youth to perpetrate acts of violence against innocents", he said, urging the youth to associate themselves with the humanitarian aspects of Islam on the one hand and the use of modern technology on the other.

Prime minister Narendra Modi with King Abdullah II Ibn Al Hussein King of the Jordan at Hyderabad house.

The book is an attempt to interpret the real meaning of Islam and to wean away from those that have been distorting its philosophy and seeking to bring it into perpetual conflict with the rest of the world, said an expert in Islamic studies. "With China entering in a big way through its One Belt One Road project, we need to protect our interest in the region".

  • Adam Floyd