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The pest control companies say do not worry when it dries it is harmless and you have nothing to worry about. Really ?! So the chemicals just disappear? The residue would remain otherwise they would not keep the bugs away correct? The pesticides have to go somewhere most likely during the rainstorm. So what does it end up happening to these pesticide sprays and where they go?

The pesticide gets carried off into a local lake or canal. Some of the chemicals seep back into the water table. Maybe you like to fish and watch the water perhaps you have noticed less vegetation and fish in your lake? The lack of fish and vegetation could very well be toxic, causing an unstable condition where you fish.

Here in west Miami Dade county near the everglades you eat across signs that say "eat only 1 fish per week" The fish here in the glades have unusually high amounts of mercury. Mercury is a very toxic neurological chemical that is very poisonous and causes many illnesses.

Yara Iberian
Yara Iberian @YaraIberian

One of the biggest problems in the Everglades is the fertilizer runoff from Big Sugar north west of Miami. The fertilizers causes algae blooms in the water that poison the water and take away the oxygen killing fish.

One popular product called Roundup is made by Monsanto the same company that created agent orange, Apertame, Saccharin has been linked to many health risks women have a much higher risk of developing breast cancer when exposed to roundup. Roundup = Glyphosate = Poison

Aspertame is the excrement of bacteria linked to many health illnesses. Kinda crazy eating the poop of bacteria way to go diet coke pepsi . by the way i never seen anyone really lose weight by drinking these diet sodas. Aspertame is so harmful bugs will not eat it ants walk away from it. Even cockroaches will not eat aspartame.

Even bathing in lakes and rivers or your own bath tub over time could have profound health effects if people keep buying roundup! It is inevitable that sustained use of such chemicals can lead to profound health defects to the people of the future. Gardening or just maintaining a lawn does not require the use of roundup or any harmful substances when mother nature provides us with effective alternatives like using citrus, cinnamon, apple vinegar, garlic to ward off bugs and pests. Want to keep snails away a little beer in small dishes by your plants. Want to keep flies away? Pour some water into clear plastic bags add some pennies and a few dimes to the bags of water. This confuses the fly into thinking that is a hive and scares them away great trick for keeping biting flys away from horses! This is an Amish technique.

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