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Is geranium one of the easiest flowers to reproduce? If you cut cuttings every year, you will get a new plant.

You must use young shoots and strong, old stems root with difficulty. Discard the pale green stalks, they will tend to rot. You have to cut the cuttings when the plant has no flowers. In case you have old buds, eliminate them. If you prefer to make sure that they are taking root, put the cuttings in water before planting them.

To achieve a reproduction by cuttings, do the following:

1. Choose a healthy stem and cut it with a sharp tool to avoid damaging it. The stem should be about 10 centimeters long. You can cut two or three stems for each pot.

2. Remove the leaves from below so that the stem can be buried in the substrate without problem. These leaves also have to cut them with a knife or cutting tool, otherwise you could tear the stem.

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3. Just before you plant the cuttings in the ground you must make a straight cut under a knot or bud near the base of the stem. In this way, it will almost certainly take root.

4. Make holes in the earth about two or three inches deep. Then insert the cuttings and press the earth.

5. Water carefully so that the stem is securely attached to the soil of the pot.

Once you have completed all the steps, and you already have a new plant, you can cover the pot with a transparent plastic that allows light to enter and while maintaining moisture. Of course, do not forget to place the pot in a bright place and not too cold.

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