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Coordinator: Arturo Alcazar


I.- MES Credit & ; Micro and Small Business:

The MES loan finances working capital and acquisition of fixed assets, aimed at small and microentrepreneurs in urban and rural areas, dedicated to production, commerce and services.

- The minimum requirement is to pay the full amount requested.

- Photocopy of the ID of the applicant

- Photocopy of the last receipt of light, water or telephone.

Microenterprise Support

Credit directed to natural persons of the urban and rural sector, who carry out activities of production, commerce and provision of services, on a small scale.

- Quick credit approval

- Payment in fixed weekly, biweekly and monthly installments.

- The full amount of the credit is granted. Amount of S / .200 to S / .2,000

- Accrediting home stability

- Photocopy of ID card of applicant and spouse

/ p>

- Photocopy of the last receipt of light, water or telephone.

Women's Word Group credits for urban and rural women, means of a solidarity guarantee, has the integrated educational services as an added value oriented towards the empowerment of women.

II.- Agricultural Credit Credit aimed at financing agricultural, livestock and agroindustrial, with special characteristics according to the needs of the clients.

- The full amount of the requested amount is granted

- Experience in the minimum agricultural activity of 02 years

- Photocopy of DNI of the applicant and spouse. p>

- Document of ownership of your home and self-assessment.

- Photocopy of the last light, water or telephone bill.

III.- Commercial Credit oriented to the financing of working capital and acquisition of fixed assets, aimed at small entrepreneurs in rural and urban areas.

IV.- Personal Trust Credit Credit aimed at financing consumer needs

- Credit approval -

- The full amount of the requested amount is granted

- Use of freely available credit

- Photocopy of the applicant's and spouse's ID card

- Photocopy of the last two payment forms

- Document of ownership and self- / p>

- Photocopy of the latest

Credit Confidence Personal by agreementCredit is aimed at workers of companies and public or private institutions with which Edpyme Confianza has an agreement.



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- Existence of an agreement between Edpyme Confianza and the Company or Institution.

- For a fixed-term employee, depending on the period of time remaining for the term of the contract. Photocopy of the DNI of the applicant and spouse

- Photocopy of the last payment slip

- Photocopy of the last receipt of electricity, water or telephone.

- Approval on the same day as requested.

- Term of credit up to 15 months.

Amount from S / .200 to S / .1,000.

- It is granted to the applicant's sole signature

- Photocopy of the applicant's ID.

- Copy

V.- Mortgage Credits My Trust House Credit intended only for the acquisition of new or first-time homes, acquisition of future housing, construction of homes with technical supervision and construction in urban habilitation projects, the holder is entitled to a Good Payer Bonus. ConfiançaaCredit to finance the purchase of single and permanent housing , construction or termination of single and permanent housing and extension or remodeling of single and permanent housing.

- Photocopy of the DNI of the applicant.

- Photocopy of the last bill of light or water < / p>

- Property document registered in Public Registry

- Count 20% of the purchase value of the home or construction.

Micasita Credit for the acquisition of land for housing, connection of basic services (water, electricity, drainage), improvements, adaptation and refurbishment of housing, expansion and construction.

- Photocopy of ID

- Photocopy of the last bill of light or water

- Document of ownership of your home and self-assessment

- Maximum amount US $ 5,000.00VI. p>

- Additional Credits that apply to MES and Crediempresa loans

Parallel Credit Additional credit given to our clients for a business opportunity they may have .

VII. Letters BondsProduct offered to small businessmen in the commercial, productive or service sectors that require a guarantee for operations of faithful compliance, additional guarantee and payment, advance money, fractioning of tax debts, for fines imposed by the functional organs of the State.

Required documents:
• Commercial invoice: written in English if the country of destination is not Spanish-speaking. : Information necessary to authorize the delivery, or fix the customs duties in the purchasing country. • Bill of lading (B / L, AWB, WB): document certifying that the goods have been received by the carrier.

• Certificate of origin: document certifying that the merchandise has been manufactured in Peru; • Phytosanitary certificate: document certifying that fresh plants or plants are free of pests.

• Animal health certificate: document that certifies that the plants or plants are free from pests. certify that animals or products of animal origin are safe.

• CITES certificate: document required to export wood, flora and fauna.

• Health certificate: document certifying that product to be exported is fit for human consumption (food, medicine).

• Certificate of bioterrorism.

• Other documents.

• Textile certificate: also known as "textile visa", is required to export clothing to some countries. : issued at the request of the importer and according to the country of destination. They can be quality certificates, pre-shipment inspection, complementary to health certificates, etc.

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