Poems and other scoundrels

Three poems by Eduardo Milan for Víktor Gómez. The poetry of the poet consolation of tontotonto the exited to the grasses, daisies, liriossal when exited to the mount where the goats leave the picture to the mountain each at four in his place of work for the salt: there is no work. The one who picks the grains of the algogallina, rooster, chicken, pigeon, woodpecker. leather plate the empty plate of the night the empty plate of your almade the night of your soul- choose a, compromise stay, free love of the sixty.dio of poetry yes that was not of symbécil the one that kisses the glass without pure abismovaso outside

human not interested in dignity

live without digging, hands immensely

the meek, stubborn, tense earth of souls

I am happy about lumps

without faithful towers, infidels

perfect finish is the end of life

in verse and love, the same thing

cherry the stroke in wine circle

must see it as it stands, stony d is a stone, it is not a stone

It is a stone, it is not a stone

p> then decide to turn around

beetle upside down

More news: My friends the pigeons: Emergency feeding for very small or sick chicks

eternal the non-time

to such a cargo

you will

< / p>

Looks rise, the villages do not

a duck side to the left

on the right thick geese

Nothing touches me with your hand

girl busy with the lilacs

it inevitably rains

to the mode of union

(Canvas by Edgar Ende. German painter. 1901-1965)

His painting was condemned by the Nazi government for degenerate

In 1936 he is prohibited from exhibiting and painting his works

  • Adam Floyd