Octrees and voxel by Laura Bonmati on Prezi

Transforms of Octrees and Voxel

Octrees and Voxel Decomposition Techniques:
Decomposition of Cells Spatial Enumeration Octal Trees Vortex Grid VOXEL - & gt; Each volume element Encoding in a 3D matrix of binary data 1 internal to model 0 external to the model
Representation similar to image processing Print all the matrix Large space requirement Methods of spatial decomposition Construction of an octree Process of classification that can distinguish: 1. The node is inside (black) 2. The node is on the outside (white) 3. The node is partially
Terminates when the resolution is adequate
Octal trees u "octrees" Fundamental Property - & gt; Adaptive Division No. of nodes required is proportional to the area of ​​its surface Quadtree - & gt; 2D Models Spatial Enumeration (recursive variant) Laura Bonmatí Mendoza Shaping models from small blocks Resolution depends on the dimension Very flexible methods A solid is decomposed into adjacent elements Depend on class and object combination Votoxel Grid Divide and conquer! Octal trees or "octrees" Octal trees or "octrees"

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