Iraqi Court Sentenced 16 Turkish Women to Death for Ties With Daesh

A court in Iraq has sentenced 16 Turkish women to death by hanging after they were found guilty of belonging to the Islamic State terror group.

Human Rights Watch has argued that the sentences are "unfair", with some activists arguing that numerous women were tricked or coerced into joining the terrorist groups.

Since August, Iraq has detained and tried hundreds of women and children to uncover involvement with ISIS.

However, there's controversy whether all 16 of them are convicted in a death penalty, as some reports say one of them was imprisoned for life.

According to officials, over 1,300 women and children reportedly surrendered to Kurdish Peshmerga military forces last August, following the Iraqi government's expulsion of ISIS from northern Iraqi city, Tal Afar.

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The women sentenced on Sunday have a month to appeal their verdicts, a court official said. One of them told the judge she had taken part in fighting against Iraqi forces alongside the jihadists, he said.

To remind you, thousands of foreigners have fought on behalf of Islamic State in Iraq and Syria since at least 2014. Many foreign women came - or were brought - from overseas to join the militants.

Iraq declared victory in December over Islamic State, which had seized control of almost a third of the country in 2014.

Several rights groups have condemned Iraq's treatment of suspected militants, pointing to inhumane prison conditions and a judicial process which does adhere to worldwide standards. It also argues that in cases where a suspect is claimed to be a Daesh member "without evidence of any other serious crime, authorities should consider alternatives to criminal prosecution". While IS has been driven from its major strongholds, militants have continued to carry out suicide bombings and other attacks.

In January a German woman captured during the 2017 battle for Mosul was sentenced to death for joining IS.

  • Adam Floyd