The absent gaze

Ms. Deputy Director, Mrs. Head of Studies and Associate Heads of Studies, companions and companions of the I.E.S. "Martín García Ramos", family and friends all:

The professional stage of my life culminates here, which has been developed over the last 33 years in several institutes of the Almanzora Basin and other regions of our province, as well as outside, in Linares (Jaén), where I was sent during two courses in the late 80's and early 90's, once the opposition was over. I must confess that the test has been really hard for me and I attest that it has also caused me a great personal loss. But here I am, more or less bruised, I would like to believe that like Don Quixote when he returned home after his various outings in search of adventure. I have not had the adventurous character of the Cervantine hidalgo, but I am convinced that I have given everything good in me in the exercise of my profession, treating my students with respect and even with affection. And in spite of the fact that in a few occasions I have had to express to them, more or less abruptly, my opinions about their lack of respect, their apathy, irresponsibility or bad behavior. I have tried to instill in them enduring values ​​that will help them to conduct themselves through life, to redirect their bad habits, and to polish the wild or misaligned edges characteristic of age, character or behavior. I do not consider myself a winner nor have I sought it, rather at the end of my professional career I feel somewhat disappointed by the results obtained, which is not surprising in someone who was committed to teaching and educating by conviction and not for fear of punishment . This is how it went, of course ...

But today must be a day to thank, to show my gratitude for all the help and understanding that I have received over the years, by many and varied people, may or may not be here today. Many thanks to all of them for their support and generosity towards me.

The absent gaze

I would like to add, finally, that teaching is not an easy profession, but tremendously difficult and sometimes ungrateful. At least it has seemed to me. I am aware that I leave it at even more difficult times to exercise it vocationally, because the social and political chaos that surrounds us, as well as the bankruptcy of values ​​that we attend, make us rather disoriented, not knowing how to cope with the challenges that are presented at the present time or those that may arise in the immediate future. Solidarity among professionals, successful management of management teams, teamwork, counseling of professionals such as psychologists and pedagogues through the Guidance Department can be very useful in addressing these challenges. Much is at stake. I wish you all success and success in your work, without doubt one of the most important social work for the future of a country, despite the misunderstanding and contempt of so many. Few professions as essential to society as you do. The challenges are difficult, but often they can also test our ability to overcome. You have where to overcome. Know also that the delivery and the love that is put on it wear out, but it is that to this profession it is necessary to put a lot of vocation and much love to him. If it is not, you may hardly be able to survive on it.

José Antonio Sáez Fernández.

Albox, Almería, May 17, 2017.

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