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scientific name for Hazelnut: Corylus

Hazel Tree: List of types of Hazelnut

  • American Hazelnut, Corylus americana
  • California Hazelnut, Corylus cornuta ssp.
  • Himalayan Avelãzeira, Corylus Ferox
  • European Filbert, Corylus maxima
  • Chinese Hazel tree, Corylus chinensis
  • Jacquemont Hazel tree, Corylus jacquemontii

Hazel Trees: Made on the hazelnut tree species

Here are some detailed information Hazelnut Corylus, the Hazel common, is a species of hazelnut native to Europe and western Asia, from the British islands south to Iberia, Greece, Turkey and Cyprus.

, north of central Scandinavia, and east of the central Ural Mountains, in the Caucasus, and northwest of Iran. It is an important compoñente of the hedges that were the traditional field boundaries in the low lands of England. The wood was traditionally grown as coppice, the poles cut to employ for the construction of stick-a-piique and agricultural fencing.

Common hazelnut is typically a shrub achando 3 to 8 m high, but can reach 15 m. Fags are deciduous, rounded, 6 to 12 cm long and of diameter, gently hairy on both surfaces, and double-serrated margins. The flowers are produced moi early in the spring, before the fucks, and are monoic cun single sex catkins pollinated by the wind. Male catkins are yellow and 5 to 12 cm in pale lonxitude, while female catkins are small and largely hidden in the shrines with only 1 glossy red for 3 mm long visible styles. The froito is a pork, produced in groups of 1-5 xuntos, each nut realized in a short involucre leafy ("bark") that implies about three quarters of pig. The nut is approximately spherical to oblong, 15 to 20 mm in length and 12 to 20 mm in width (larger, 25 mm in length, in some cultured selections), yellow-brown wedge, pale scar on the base . The nut falls from the casing when mature, about 7 to 8 months after pollination.

It is easily distinguished from closely related Filbert (Corylus maxima) short poles; Filbert nut is completely stuck by a shell in peak time than the nut. The serven fuzz of food for animal burials, including Lepidoptera as is the case carrier trace colehora anatipenella. Eyelids of the corrective tract Alabonia geoffrella atopáronse feeding in dead poles Common hazelnuts. The froito is possibly even more important animal food for both the invertebrates adapted to avoid the shell (xeralmente by ovipositing in the feminine flowers, that also gives protection to the offspring ) and vertebrates that can break them open (like skylines and corvids).

abelás are rich in protein and unsaturated grease. In addition, they contain significant amounts of thiamine and vitamin B6, as well as smaller amounts of other B vitamins. In addition, 1 cunca (237 ml) of hazelnut meal contains 20 g of carbohydrates, 12 g of two limes are made of fiber. p>

Hazelnut Produce

Producer of abelás in the world is to Turkey. froitas / castañas of the Turk Hazelnut tree dye relatively moi small grans. In the United States, the largest producer of hazelnuts is the State of Oregon and then followed by Washington state. Hazelnut Trivia

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One of the most popular differentials made from abelás is Nutella.

The big mains of the world is also coñecido as hazel or nut cob. > hazelnut producer, Turkey, which controls 70 percent of the global market suffered from Sarabia and Xaeda storms last year, which killed off the crops and resulted in the cost of abelas increasing by more than 60 percent. p>

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