Ten Things to See and Do in Asheville, North Carolina - EscapeHere

Ten Things to See and Do in Asheville, North Carolina - EscapeHere

2. Scale Mount Mitchell

One of the most outstanding natural features of North Carolina is the Appalachian Mountains and Mount Mitchell is the highest peak of all with its 203 meters. It is located 50 kilometers north of the city and, undoubtedly, is an adventure that really is worth living. Elisha Mitchell named the mountain after having measured it and died near the area's waterfalls when she re-verified the measurement results.

There is a 7-kilometer trail outside of Blue Road Ridge and another 298-meter mountain that ascends and makes it much easier to reach the top compared to the time of Elisha Mitchell. At the highest point you will find the tomb of Dr. Mitchell along with an observation platform to delight in the surrounding landscape. The grounds are lined with leafy forests that adorn the area with an exquisite green hue during the summer. Wild flowers, blueberries and blackberries are an abundant source of food for the birds that live in this paradise.

1. Tour the North Carolina Arboretum

It extends over 175 acres and is located within the boundaries of the experimental Bent Creek Forest, southwest of Asheville; It also functions as a botanical garden. Admission is free but you must pay to have access to the parking lot. The arboretum is still under development and has walking trails and mountain biking along with a collection of bonsai, a stream and a holly plantation, among other things.

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