Four Legged Adventures

"Four-legged adventures" through we have learned: why do dogs fight?

There are several types of dog fights. Each has its own characteristics, and you need to know the difference between them before trying to take control over that situation.

Nesting disputes between two males : This type of fight is by far the most common type of fight in the dog's natural environment. It is also the kind of fight in which - generally - you do not need to intervene, because if things are as they should be and as Nature commands, the result should not cause significant damage to any of the contenders. but it is more of a show of power than a real aggression. Male dogs usually inhibit their bite and do not wish to cause serious harm (the exceptions here are the breeds typically used as fighting breeds, bull terriers, mastiffs, Argentine bulldogs, etc.).

Nesting disputes between two females: This is a serious matter. Two bitches that fight are doing it to death. Bitches do not inhibit biting like males. Usually, females do not have a strong predisposition to fight, so these types of fights, although rare, are extremely dangerous when they occur. (Another special note: you can consider any fight in which any of the dogs - female or male - is a fighting breed, as if it were a fight between females).

Nesting disputes between a male and a female: This is very rare. Females normally accept the natural domination of males. A male would never hurt a female, even at the expense of her own life. This makes a fight between a male and a female extremely dangerous for the male.

Like two four-month-old puppies that are significantly different in size, it can mean a danger to the smaller one.

Disputes between a puppy and an adult: As long as the adult has the physical strength to overcome, there will be no problem. Even a female would never hurt a puppy. But think of the fact that nature considers a puppy as "a dog that has not reached puberty". An 8 month old dog is no longer a "puppy". He is a young adult, and does not acquire "puppy protection" from other dogs.

What to do when dogs quarrel ?

The first thing you have to consider is: "Is this fight putting any of the two dogs at serious risk?" If the answer is no, do not do anything. It allows dogs to solve their problems in a natural way. If the answer is yes, you must act fast. When in doubt, act as if it were a dangerous fight.


The million dollar question is how do I do it?

First mistake: grab the dogs by their collar. It is a very dangerous solution. In the middle of the fight, no dog will notice the presence of your hand and you can take the worst part in the fight.

Second error: screams and screams. You will only cause dogs to fight more viciously.

Third mistake: hit or kick. The same consequences as the screams and screams, will only make things worse.

How to avoid dog fights (or at least minimize the risk of them happening)

First, be careful about choosing the breed. That your dog learn from his childhood that before the domination of an older dog must respond with submission, not with aggression. It is vital that you socialize your dog. Finally, be a good leader of your dog. This means that you train him well, so that you can always call him, even in the middle of a distraction like playing with other dogs.

How do you deal with an unknown dog?

If the owner is with him, try first to resolve this potential dispute directly with the owner, asking him to keep his dog away. But if the owner is not, or does not cooperate ... Alternatives you might consider.

A stick for the defense. It sounds tempting, but if you use it to hit another dog, the consequences may be unpleasant, such as causing severe damage or making the fight worse. Just to scare, not to hit. If the unknown dog sees you with a stick, you probably will not get close.

Using the strap. This is a much better solution. A good leather strap can become an excellent weapon and relatively safe. You can make it spin in the air (like the blades of a helicopter) by holding it from the buckle, which will frighten almost any dog. The vast majority of dogs, even if they are in the mood to fight, will choose to flee.

Pepper Spray. It is one of the most effective defenses against the attack of animals. It is economical, easily achieved Must be pointed towards the eyes and muzzle of the dog. Make sure you are not set against the wind or the gas will also disable you. They do not cause permanent damage. Damián Murcia- Veterinarian and teacher of UJAM

  • Adam Floyd