Apple - meaning of apple dictionary

Minister of Finance in 1933 I A beautiful boy with rush, broad shoulders, fine waist, apple skin, sad mouth and big eyes, hot silver nerve, round the deserted street.

From the foliage of his house, I saw that he was calling me at night in his perennial garret, which I called my attention. "On the way," growled his wife, nailing the teeth in the fifth block, that we are all children of God, and more see four eyes than two.

In the living room was the Christmas tree; there were gifts and good humor; in the farmhouses the violin resounded, and slices of apple fell into the pan.

Hans Christian Andersen

The girl had brown eyes and black hair; the look alive and intelligent; it was Molly, daughter of the mayor. The two boys played with an apple, shook it and heard the nuggets ring inside.

Hans Christian Andersen

Here the green pear with the beautiful apple, of gualda and red blood tinted, and of pink the fragrant cermeña I have, and the endrin of purple color; here of the bower vine that the elm binds honeyed lame grapes; and in quantity I gather, while the branches unravel the hot summer, quinces that crown this river.

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Lope de Vega

I run to my house, I set in motion my family, make me the illusion that I take a trip, and barracks in barracks, from street to street, apple to apple, and even from floor to floor, I walk cheerfully and recognize the most hidden places and corners of this populous city.

Mariano José de Larra

I shelter the valleys to the thirsty reed; the apple and the pear in the cool mountain the sky forget of its mother Spain; garnish the coffee plantation; shelter to the tender theobroma in the river the maternal shadow of its bucare; here the garden, there the orchard laughs ...

He was counting the people he had found, the villages where he had been, the recipes he had written, one after the other, and, satisfied with himself, ate the rest of the stew, peeled his cheese, bit an apple, emptied his bottle , he lay on his back and snored.

As he turned the street near the wonderful shop that was formerly the Cognac Queirolo, the firemen began to flood the huge fire that had already spread all over the block . I think it my duty to make present, before concluding, that I believe the Black River is navigable only in the season of the crests until the union with the Limay, and with vapors of great force and little draft until Manzana -Geey; and that, thanking the Society for the proof of deference I received upon arriving at this City, I am ready to undertake a new voyage for the recognition of the Chubut River, after the complete relationship of this river has been completed.

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