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Build a replacement nest if necessary. Sometimes, whole nests have been dropped due to strong winds, the use of tree pruners or due to predators. In this case, you can rescue the nest (or build a new one) and place the chicks there. If the original nest is intact, you can place it in a basket of berries or in a container of butter (make holes for it to drain); and uses cables to hang the nest in a tree. Try to put the nest in its previous place. If it is not possible, you can put it on a nearby branch. Just make sure that this place is abandoned and that it does not directly fall into the sunlight.

  • Collect the chicks and heat them with your hands before returning them to the nest. Leave the area, but try to observe them from afar. The birds' parents might suspect that there is a new nest; however, your instinct for protection will help you overcome this.
  • If the original nest is completely destroyed, you can make a new one by lining the basket of berries with a paper towel. Although the original nest has been made of grass, you should not cover your temporary nest with the same since the grass is wet and can cool the little birds.

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