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This is not a pretty picture, but it's what pangolins have to face every single day.From @endextinctionintl The price of pay for human greed ... Post by @jjemerson_wildlifephotography The harsh reality of the Pangolin trade. I found this picture (a part of the education display at @wildlifevietnam) to be very confronting.Pangolins are primarily sold for their scales. The more a Pangolin weighs, the more they can be bought for the black market, so they are often pumped full of water or limestone slurry to increase their weight for sale ... They are often kept confined in small cages until they are sold . When it is time to harvest the scales, they are bolied, then the scales removed, fetching up to $ 30 000 per kilo. And if you have not already guessed it, the scales are made of keratin, just like our fingernails and rhino horn.It is such a horrific thing for any creature to go through, all for false idea that the consumer will gain some kind of health benefits.Rangers across Africa and Asia are doing a fantastic job in protecting Pangolins, capturing the perpetrators and bringing them to justice and other organizations are successfully rehabilitating and releasing these rare animals back into the wild. By supporting these groups, we may secure the future for Pangolins and educate the younger generation that these creatures are worth more alive. #pangolin #illegal #animalcruelty #wildlifetrade #wildlife #iucn #cites #protect #rescue #worthmorealive #endextinctionintl #endextinction

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