The Karmela Vintage Corner: Decorating with neon signs, from the bars to the living room of your house.

First Sunday of autumn and in many parts of Spain, rainy Sunday as well as tradition. And to give extra light to this beginning of the season that has caught us full, nothing better than talking about the luminosity in the state of noble gas, as is the neon .

Many of you, the older ones like me, will remember that neon signs were the most used form, especially in the 80s to 90s, by shops, bars and hotels for call our attention as a form of direct advertising. In this way and by means of images or the denomination of the premises, you knew at a glance the type of business to which it was dedicated.

For many years that type of lighting was eradicated giving way to another style of advertising marketing very different that was adapted to the fashions and trends of each moment.

Thanks to the resurgence and recovery of that era through the vintage trend and to the more nostalgic, neon letters are recovering a place they should never have lost, and little to little their brightness and protagonism is well visible in the interior but adapted to the current times and using them for the decoration of our houses.

Used to apply them to letters of the alphabet, signs, numbers, words and even in complete phrases that contain a particular ethical or aesthetic sense, to occupy a wall of a favorite corner of your house or your garden, or as a sculpture with extra light incorporated.

Choose what you choose, be sure that the decoration of that space will completely transform and you will become a super personal and intimate site that will transmit your authentic personality.

And if you need ideas to inspire you and turn that corner into something different, here are a few, but you can choose to put a reflection, a mantra, a proverb that inspires you or the name of your boyfriend and yours on the head of the bed, so you know who sleeps there;)

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And if on the other hand you are the one who prefers an image before a thousand words, you can also opt for them. They're perfect!

Let's think you're the one who likes the do it yourself as I do. Then in that case you can also choose to make a simple neon sign with the word you want through a simple tutorial that we share Jenni in his blog I Spy Diy where it tells you the step by step to make your own letter, word or phrase (like the one you see in the image below) to apply to a wall of the coolest and with materials affordable and easy to buy.

click on the image.

Or make a cactus-shaped sculpture, such as Lindsay from the blog Shrimp Salad Circus of the most fun and entertaining.

click on the image.

And to finish I leave a beautiful video on how to make your own jars with neon light in an easy and very effective way with materials that you can find in any store in the industry. To illuminate a children's room, a bedside table or an intimate corner. Monísimos¡¡¡

It is clear that with so many examples it is impossible not to be attracted by these luminous signs that bring us so many memories of the past, have been the object of many desire and with the new trends are more fashionable never.

And as a picture is worth a thousand words, here I leave mine:

  • Adam Floyd