Like waiting for you.

We've been talking a lot about the things we have to do when you're born. It is what relaxes us in these tense days, we think that if we have everything prepared your life will be happy. But we know, without saying, that they are plans, moorings and dislikes of a life that will not belong to us. It is unclear, I dreamed of you yesterday, it is almost obsessive to think of you, something that still has no gestures, no face, no laughter ... but it beats, almost without even perceiving it, lates fast like the flapping of a hummingbird looking for flowers not to die

You are growing, against all odds, you grow fast and you cling to life like that stubborn persistence of flowers that grow between the corners that gray asphalt leaves, grow like seeds that fall in the neighborhoods . You will be the flower, the color, the eagle, the immense horizon, you will be the light of this world that comes and falls to pieces. It is terrible to think that you will be born in this world, a world that is entering a period of desolation, with people who live to work, who no longer whistle through the streets with that relaxed and happy gesture. Your grandfather does it even, he is one of the few who, working 12 hours a day, at full sun and with the fatigue of the world, wins with all the evils of Mexican corridos simple whistles. Your grandfather is part of you, although you are not born yet, your grandfather is already in you because you already have history, that is why I speak to you, because I want you to know that you come from somewhere, like fish that always know where they are going and where they come from. You will build better worlds and give hope to humanity, your tender life is the miracle.

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I'm much calmer now that I've gotten a job (or sticking, that's how we also tell paid work), and although I'll earn a bit more than the minimum, it makes me feel worthy. You know, you should always respect the work you have, you must respect the people you work with who are your partners, no matter what the work, all work is worthy, that I learned from your grandfather D. and because I worked dirtying the hands in jobs that I hope you never have to spend, they are heavy jobs and full sun. I forged my character in those places, in the summers where many went on vacation and I collected money to buy a notebook or clothes. This is the life hijx, it has injustices that you must feel them in your deepest being, you will feel that anger and that anger to change the things. I tell you that you feel them, but do not stay there, you must take another step and reflect, endure and with your intelligence change the world so that you feel proud of what you do, because what you do, you do with that story that you have it inside, you do it with the strength of my father, your grandparents who did not have the opportunities to study. You will have them, I will give, if necessary, life because if you have them.

Your life is a miracle that beats under the belly of your mother, under the gentle motherly beats. You are one, a heartbeat that barely feels in the center of the universe but exists, a heartbeat that has changed the universe. You are so important! Now the universe could not be what it is without your heartbeat, without your life.

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  • Adam Floyd