Juan Angola Maconde

Juan Angola Maconde is a native of the Afro-Bolivian community of Dorado Chico, municipality of Coripata, province of Nor Yungas, department of Peace. He has a degree in economics and author of the book Roots of a People: Afro-Bolivian Culture , the only work on contemporary Afro-Bolivian culture. He is the first author to write in the traditional dialect of the Afro-Bolivian communities of the Yungas.

Juan Angola Maconde reads his poem (file.mp3)

I went to the hill here.

Cuchuqui cho disti andis toy

> li jondio cun liriu quisoy

Cumu alza and lu quepecha

samona pue lui inborracha / p>

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> in sudor di cuerpu cansau,

chajchura jay pensamentu

and chajaya intendimientu. / p>

Sol dici toy inamorau,

lily dic jay, I am Moravian.

pur his dircio pi etu

light rejuicilia completu.

What will beautiful mosa b> qui grew up always beautiful

Cuandu lus jlor di la loma

THE FLOWER OF LILY I go out and sit down

I'm always here to look at

I throw you with lily quisoy

As you lift and wrap it

Your perfume makes you drunk.

And to lily I ask for love

To conquer that flower

Any flower that is soaked

In tired body sweat,

Water jay thinking

And sleep the understanding.

The black lily says, I am purple.

What a beautiful girl will say

What ever grew beautiful. When the flowers of the ridge

Say goodbye to the dove.

  • Adam Floyd