Stephen Fry Announced He's Been Diagnosed With Prostate Cancer

Stephen Fry says he's undergone surgery after being diagnosed with prostate cancer.

The 60-year-old, a longtime British TV star who has also appeared in films such as "The Hobbit", said that he found out his diagnosis late last year when he received a flu vaccine and routine checkup and doctors discovered something wrong with the organ. The video, which goes on for twelve minutes, explains the procedure and surgery which took place, as well as Fry's recovery.

Towards the end of the video, Fry looks to the camera and says that one in eight men will get some form of prostate cancer in their life.

Stephen continued: 'Cancer is a word that rings in your head.

He revealed: 'I get the results the next day and yes indeed there is a cancer there'. "Cancer is what happens to other people".

"I don't know if you know what PSA are, if you are a man you certainly should, it stands for prostate specific antigens, these are the things that the prostate gives out if its under attack from a tumour".

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"But if there's anything left on the bed of the prostate where they've taken it out, it may have spread and I'll have to get radiotherapy and the whole damn thing will start again".

In a final note, Stephen went on to thank his doctors for all their hard word, as well as his family, friends and hubby Elliott.

Fry said he chose to reveal his diagnosis as rumours had already started to spread.

He said: 'I'm bloody lucky to be surrounded by such wonderful people, and I'm lucky to have an immune system, which is the real hero'.

"I genuinely felt my life was saved by the early intervention, so I would urge men of a certain level to get checked".

Prostate UK said that while these symptoms occur due to prostate cancer, occasionally they can also be signs of other illnesses such as an infection, diabetes or the effect of medicines.

  • Carlos Nash