Stapelia erectiflora ~ PLANTUKIS

Stapelia erectiflora NEBr.

· > Common names: unknown

· Most frequent synonyms: Gonostemon erectiflorus (NEBr.) PV Heath Family: Asclepiadaceae Geographical origin: > South Africa

· Plant: succulent low, forming a forest of not more than 30 cm in both height and diameter. Very thin and erect, more or less rectangular, 15 cm long atrophied leaves, which form species of coarse teeth

· < b> Flowers: slightly odorless, small and purple, and covered with a dense layer of white hairs; the petals bend backwards and the central star has thin reddish hairs Longevity: more than 10 years, in a greenhouse

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Temperature: between 10-21 ° C. Resists some cold if it is dry

Exposure: in semi-shade, vegetates poorly in full sun

b> mulch and coarse sand and gravel Subscriber: add 3 times during the good weather irrigation fertilizer for cacti or add a teaspoon of slow release granular fertilizer and gently scraping the substrate to incorporate fertilizer, seasonally Ambient humidity: as small as possible

Irrigation: Generous in growing season, especially with high summer temperatures. > Propagation: seedlings, at the end of winter, or by cuttings of shoots of stems in summer, mini-greenhouse, let drying the chosen section for 4-5 days before planting

· Most common pests and diseases: neck rot, cotton wool mealybug

  • Adam Floyd