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This stunning wreath is filled with silk roses. This crown also features Kitty Katrina's signature "LUV" beads at the ends, as well as a soft, pink bow tie. Carry this wreath for any occasion, concert and festival-you can accent any team perfectly and people will fall into LUV with your look! CROWN AGGREGATIONS: Silver / Gold Diamond powder: can Add silver or diamond-filled powder to roses for extra shine and see gloss ($ 2.00 extra) - "Crown Add Ons" option. ** Product Details: 1 Halo is included in this purchase. When using, flowers can sit around your head as a hair accessory or around your favorite hat to add flair. The detail of signature beads at the ends will be visible behind you once you tie the bands around your head / hat. The bands provide a secure and comfortable grip once tied. Each rose is approximately 3.75 "in diameter See more of our specialty crowns here: Or send us a message if you'd like to make yourself a crown of the specialty of Custom! See more of our flower wreaths and hair accessories flowers here:

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