Super Mario Odyssey Free DLC Adds Luigi's Balloon World Minigame

Available to download now, the update adds a brand new mini game as well as some new outfits for Mario and a couple of new filters for Snapshot Mode.

Super Mario Odyssey's new Balloon World update is here. As described in its debut trailer (during that secret mini Direct) you'll need to hide and find balloons, competing with other players in an asynchronous fashion.

Every time a player successfully finds a balloon, the online ranking board is updated. The update has added a new mini-game, two snapshot filters, and three outfits as promised.

As expected, Nintendo has filled the update with classic Ninty-esque details and easter eggs, and Switch owners have already taken to Twitter to show off some of the best things about Luigi's Balloon World.

After completing the game a new mini-game "Balloon World" will now be playable.

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In fact, Luigi has a bunch of different reactions depending on Mario's costume, and some of them are really rather something special, like when Luigi sees Mario wearing Peach's Wedding Dress, an outfit obtained via amiibo. Outfits don't have any effect on gameplay, but you happen to be a completionist, you now have a few more collectables to acquire in Super Mario Odyssey.

The names are easy to understand as in Hide It, your goal is to hide the balloon in a location in that particular world so that it is hard to find.

World Rankings and Friend Rankings have been reset for Jump-Rope Challenge.

Super Mario Odyssey fans will be waking up to some truly wonderful news this morning.

  • Desiree Holland