Nest's indoor Cam IQ security camera now features Google Assistant

The blue glow means it's recording.

A new software update is on its way to the indoor Nest Cam IQ, and it adds Google Assistant to the gadget.

Last September, Nest officially announced that it was planning on updating its Cam IQ indoor security camera to add Google Assistant.

Google's voice-activated assistant is branching out to Nest's deluxe security camera in an expansion that may amplify the privacy concerns surrounding Internet-connected microphones.

The assistant is only supposed to be activated with keywords such as "OK, Google", although there have been instances when the Home speaker has been caught listening when it was supposed to be turned off.

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With the Google Assistant update, Nest Cam IQ owners will be able to access the same version of Google's voice-based AI that lives on Android, iOS, and Google Home devices.

"Once devices have received the update, they can perform the same tasks as any other tech with Google Assistant on board". The latest fruit of Google's decision to welcome Nest back into the fold, after it absorbed the formerly standalone Alphabet business earlier this month, it turns the connected camera into a smart speaker.

In addition to this, Nest's Aware service is seeing a few upgrades.

With Nest Aware, you'll get an alert on your phone when your Nest Cam spots something you might like to know about-like if a person is at your front door. Current plans have $10 for 10 days and $30 for 30 days.

The Nest Cam IQ indoor security camera is about to get a whole lot smarter. There's face recognition across cameras, so a shot of someone outside the house can be matched with a shot of someone inside the house, and person alerts inside activity zones, so you can be alerted if a person (as opposed to any motion) enters a specific area.

  • Toni Ryan