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Native to India (cultivated in the area for 3,000 years) and appears in the sacred Hindu texts with the name of uruaru. It is also very present in Greek and Turkish gastronomy, but in those countries they are just beginning to be used in the sixth century. South of the Iberian Peninsula was introduced by the Arabs. Later the Spaniards brought this fruit to America.

The typical Mediterranean salad is not such if it does not have cucumbers. Other dishes that have this ingredient are vinegar pickles. To the North of Europe the soup of cucumber is consumed in each house. If you like this vegetable a lot and you have an orchard at home do not hesitate to read the following article. We will teach you how to grow cucumbers at home.

With 97% water content and several nutrients beneficial to health, cucumber is a fresh vegetable and very rich for summer. Dark green on the outside and clear inside, you can not miss in your organic garden. For this you will need:

Being Healthy

1.Semillas: The cucumber can be planted in nursery or on land. The seeds have two tips and it is recommended to place them in the singing soil, with one end "in the air".

2.Tierra: The cucumber plant prefers much compost and drain well.

3.Sol: It is a species that needs a lot of sun to be able to develop properly (6 hours a day minimum).

< spring. The right moment is 2 weeks after the last winter frost (May for the Northern Hemisphere and October for the Southern Hemisphere). The distance between plants in the orchard must be 120 cm. It is advisable to place a bottle cut in half to shelter the small plants of the last cold.

It is necessary to place a tutor to the plants to aid in their development and that of their fruits (the weight of the cucumbers can break the stems). The most common pests that can appear are the aphid and the beetle. At 8 weeks of sowing, we begin to harvest. How do you know if you are ready to remove from the plant? Because the fruit is homogeneous dark green color. If you like to add cucumber to your diet, take a look at this article where you will have several recipes that use this ingredient.

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