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Aves Argentinas - Wikiwand

The baker, the symbol of this entity.

Strategic Objectives

  • Identification of habitats with high priority for the conservation of globally threatened bird species. increase public awareness of the importance of birds, their natural habitats and all the biodiversity they contain.
  • The gradual increase in the flow of society, as a result of the incorporation of new partners while retaining the greatest
  • The promotion of ornithological scientific research and the communication of its results.
  • Improving the management and administration of the entity, in a greater effectiveness of their tasks.

The Argentine School of Naturalists (EAN)

h2> Our Birds , and Nature and Conservation

Our Birds , and Nature and Conservation > are magazines that publish this entity so b yearly; the first is the oldest, and is currently oriented to the communication of unpublished observations of birds, both novelties on their geonemia, and on food, reproduction, behavior, etc.

The second magazine, whose full name is: Aves Argentinas Revista de Naturaleza y Conservación , deals with environmental issues not exclusively related to birds.

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