A milka in my night

We entered the bar for the famous final talk. To say goodbye, tell us some things and do a little duel together.

The bar was luckily half full, we could chat and we had the necessary privacy of the corner to leave some tears on the table.

She spoke first seriously, standing in arguments, selecting the words. I looked at her, I thought, I looked at the bar. At another table, two young men clasped hands and laughed and talked. It was evident that they were in their spring and that life was smiling at them. We all had the two tables, we are all two tables.

After a while I went to the bathroom, more to calm down than out of necessity. In the hall I crossed with the girl at the other table and I saw his gaze on me. It could be that we knew each other, but it was not time for either.
Returning to my place I noticed that the boy was recharging the glass with a beer and writing a message on an old cell phone, those that do not bring wapp no complications.

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The chat followed, I spoke and argued. I looked back at the other girl and saw her smile. I had seen that laugh somewhere. And the boy's shirt ended up unveiling the issue. Those guys were us.

I waited for the moment that the boy got up to go to the bathroom, I clumsily followed him to the toilet. I found it in front of the mirror, fixing the hair. With his eyes a little red I wanted to make the nice guy and I asked him if he was on his first date.
Third, he told me.

I looked confused, I think without understanding, and I left the bathroom.

  • Adam Floyd