The Swype keyboard app for Android has been discontinued

One of the best third-party keyboards, Swype Keyboard, for Android devices has come to its end. Brings back memories, right?

Swype keyboard app for Android was already discontinued and now it seems that its iOS counterpart will be abandoned as well. Bad news for anyone that's having issues with it on a new phone.

Former Swype CEO Mike McSherry - who was instrumental in growing the mobile keyboard's usage and later sold the company to Nuance - told GeekWire that it was sad to see the product "mothballed". Meanwhile, Swype's direct-to-consumer business model stagnated, relying on paid apps even as other keyboards offered a similar experience for free. What this means is that while the keyboard is still usable, just don't expect it to be updated anymore in the future with new features or bug fixes, but if you think that it works fine for you now, you can go ahead and keep using it.

For anyone wanting to make the switch from Swype, Gboard is a free download from the Play Store. Nuance had also apparently made a Zendesk post saying that it would be stopping work on the iOS version of Swype earlier this month; which seems to have gone unnoticed.

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Nuance will no longer be offering the Swype keyboard on iOS app store. Swype keyboard has officially been discontinued.

Swipe, the original gesture typing app, is still primary choice for many users.

The major portion of the hit that Swype received was due to the launch of the Gboard keyboard from Google. That being said, the Swype keyboard doesn't cease to exist, it will still be there on the Play Store.

Either way, if you look through any of the recent reviews for Swype, it appears as if the app is struggling.

  • Toni Ryan